ghetto hikes is racist as hell

this is purely a rant.  in the last couple of weeks i have seen several friends on facebook repost this bullshit website called “ghetto

so i didnt like the options for pictures for this blog, but i found this and thought it was close to appropriate. and i love it.

hikes.”  i will not link it here because i think it’s appalling.  if you want to see it and you havent yet you can do a search.  supposedly it is maintained by a man named cody who leads urban youth of all races–he’s quick to make this clarification at the top of the blog, like a good apologetic racist–on nature hikes.  one of these white savior types no doubt.

but then he is clearly targeting black urban youth.  first clue, his blog title.  second clue, every one of the entries is offered in a horrifyingly stereotypical black urban voice, complete with dialectical “da”s and “dis”s, poorly conjugated verbs and plenty of “homies” and “homeboys.”  mr. cody isnt being very coy.  it’s clear that while maybe he leads hikes for kids of all races, he is choosing one racial group to mock and oppress.  to perpetuate violent stereotypes against.

i have a hard time believing that mr cody is accurately quoting anyone on his blog.  the purity of the stereotype that peaks through in every quote is too strong.  and the stories that the quotes tell are just too unbelievable.  but that’s the point, yeah?  young black men and women are just poor, stupid, uncultured kids.  that’s why mr cody has to take them out into the woods, so that they can benefit from that pure, authentic experience.  right?  am i right??  aghh.  sarcasm, sarcasm, bitter ranting.

and even if every quote was verbatim.  assuming he doesn’t actually just make this shit up every day, what is the point?  what are mr cody’s motivations to putting up such a blog?  what, other than perpetuating stereotypes and reinforcing institutional racism, could be the point of such a blog?  i mean it’s clear mr cody doesnt actually care about these kids.  that for him it’s all a joke.  an expensive joke for black youth everywhere who will be seen as the one dimensional, dishonest representations mr. cody offers on his blog.

and the sad part, the infuriating part, is that so many people are eating this shit up!  there are tens of thousands of followers.  TENS OF THOUSANDS so convinced that this shit is real and funny.  and people i like are re-posting it all over the place like its the best blog out there.

ugh.  i just did a quick google search and it turns out the whole thing is a hoax.  IT IS FAKE!  it is some racist ass white guy who doesnt lead anyone on hikes.  he made it all up!  and he’s been outed but still people re blog it and re post it and let it perpetuate these cruel, violent stereotypes.  he is using ugly and mean stereotypes to entertain a largely white, privileged audience.  fucking brilliant.

please, people.  THINK CRITICALLY.  really its not that hard.  unless youre so racist yourself that you can’t see the blaring stereotypes and the uncaring, self indulgent way they’re offered.  and to whomever is claiming to be mr. cody, you are a racist asshole.  i get that that’s working for you right now, but it is disgusting.  you are disgusting.


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  1. Sara Tansey
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 04:01:39

    and i have now emailed most of this blog to “mr cody.” i started by writing him and realized i needed to challenge the people who were reblogging his shit too.


  2. Abel
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 05:14:19

    Wow! That’s all kinds of fucked up.

    I remember not too long ago, I was at a music show and after the show, a guy who was a standup comic who goes on stage at a local comedy club got up and started to tell some sort of racist joke. He started with a setup that was very racist, so I booed him and walked out. I didn’t hear the joke, but I came back in a minute later and he was saying, “Well a room full of people laughed at the comedy club.”

    Anyhow, I’m glad that I haven’t seen this website posted by any of my friends.


  3. vulgarbulgars
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 12:48:58

    i appreciate this post immensely. we are constantly and often unintentionally perpetuating stereotypes that cause violence and harm to large groups of people. .and i think that’s an important point to include–that the people that are re-posting this are really the larger problem. one person w/a bullshit website has zero impact. thousands of re-posters have a huge impact, and are actually the larger problem.

    And i think it behooves us to consider that these re-posters are not necessarily having consciously racist thoughts. and that it might not actually help much to “yell” at the re-posters and call them racist. Ptentially, this will likely result in more defensiveness and divisiveness and the message and potential impact are lost. it is the unconscious support for this sort of racist stereotyping that contributes to an overwhelming oppressive police state aimed at people of color, including a drug war that routinely targets and hunts down innocent people of color (or those who commit the same minor crimes as whites, who are not punished for these crimes). These folks are presumed guilty and treated as such, despite numbers that show equal crime/drug use rates among all races.

    i doubt that these re-posters are “intentionally being racist”. and that doesn’t mean their actions don’t have same impact as if they were. i would assert that it is likely a problem of awareness, not intention. i think that it would be more productive to call attention to the behavior and explain its impacts rather than ranting at these folks. mr. cody on the other hand, deserves a good rant. thanks for posting this.


  4. Sara Tansey
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 13:25:38

    i totally agree that ranting at the people who are perpetuating this shit isnt very helpful. that it takes a gentler voice and more compassion to get the secondary message i was trying to get across. and i find myself these days mostly not being able to compose myself enough. i imagine the friends that reposted were not being intentionally racist, but what i need them to understand is that being complicit in this way really does make them racist. we dont get to be good germans anymore, we have to be thinking more critically. we have to be questioning ourselves and each other and these hella crazy websites.

    also, i REALLY hope the guy who does the website writes me back! i sent him this post in an email. i want him to respond!!!!


  5. vulgarbulgars
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 14:23:18

    yep. i totally agree. AND, i think it could be useful to distinguish between “being a racist” and “taking actions/having beliefs that perpetuate racially based structures of oppression.” the former doesn’t leave much room for taking responsibility and altering behavior–which is what we want, really! The latter carries less judgement and boxing in, and leaves room for people to see the results of their behavior and make changes. Re: Cody–hopefully he just takes down the f’n website! again, thanks for sparking this important discussion.


  6. Joan Cichon
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 14:29:44

    Thanks for ranting and sharing the info. The more we know, the more power we have to make change.


  7. Grace
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 16:50:38

    Hey, I wrote about this on my blog as well. There is no “Mr. Cody.” Jonathan-Standefer, founder of Lamebook, registered the domain names for both Men’s Humor (which is extremely sexist) and Ghetto Hikes.


  8. N
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 05:25:39

    You Mad?


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