wanted: someone who can hang

so this is fun.  ive been musing about what i’m looking for in a new romance.  and today i’ve been playing with what an honest want ad would say.   and its pretty preposterous.  but for a girl who’s always struggled with asking for what she wants or being able to express what she wants, the exercise of writing it all down is somehow healing.  and wildly amusing.  i think it would look something like this:

young woman with chin hair and an expressive wiggle who is into challenging and uprooting oppressions and social violences.  who is more interested in nurturing relationships than building a career.  who wants to break shit down in order to rebuild the world.  who often prefers the company of children because they are closer to their true selves and because they still remember how to weave magic.  who is dreaming of squatted community and autonomous zones, of green bean teepees covered in fireflies at dusk, who likes to play and laugh and be silly.

seeking young, male partner outlaw.  must be willing to face their oppressive behaviors and take responsibility for their dark side.  must be sexually enthusiastic, someone who likes to seek consent and play rough.  should be ready for an adventure at all times and know how to make magic.  needs to be able to joyfully navigate open relationships and willing to attempt poly processing.  should be able to speak in fever dreams, should be passionate enough about something to defend it.

perks would include: being willing and able to throw me around on a dance floor, an understanding and enthusiasm for autonomous zones, someone who self identifies as a feminist, someone who loves kids, someone who can tell me stories, a willingness to sing in public, general silliness.

and there’s probably more, but its fun to explore what it is i’m really wanting and to be able to express it.  and its sort of funny to see how headachey or slightly impossible my desires around a new lover actually are.  but in case you know anyone who can hang, you can direct them to this blog.


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