they’re locked down together

the news came in today that city officials are planning on cutting off occupy charlottesville’s permit earlier than expected.  it may have been a case of miscommunication but the date on everyone’s lips until today was november 26th.  now it’s the 19th.  well and maybe through monday the 21st, because that’s the day of a city council meeting.  it’s all a bit unclear and hard to navigate.

but what it does mean is that it’s time for folks interested in holding the park beyond the permit to plan all of the intricacies of that decision.  i was trying to explain it to misty just now.  we will need people willing to come by with big vehicles, so we can load our infrastructure and make sure it survives any possible raid.  one mother has already said she will get her kids out of bed and dressed and bring them down to the street across from the park to witness.  and we’ll need others still playing that role.  we’ll need people videotaping throughout the eviction process.  and some will try to stay, risking arrest.

those risking arrest will likely do so in a couple of ways.  some will simply stay in the park and wait to be escorted out.  others still might lock themselves down to something, making it more difficult to remove them.  i explained some of the techniques used for locking down and misty seemed shocked by the physical discomfort of any such situation.  it was about at that point that emma walked into the kitchen looking for some math help.  she was working on algebraic equations with fractions.  i had just wandered into the other room when misty tried to explain that the fraction is sort of two entities “locked down together,” and that more work needed to be done to pull them apart.  i chuckled, at the reference to our recent conversation, and the opportunity to have conversations with so many people about what makes the occupy movement important to me, why i’m willing to defend it at the risk of arrest.  to hear some of the voices of occupy charlottesville, i recommend this hour of WTJU broadcast.  i’m towards the end, about 42:25 minutues in.  and if you can, do come out to the city council meeting on monday, november 21st and lend your voice to support our continued occupation!  that will be in city hall at 7pm, come early to sign up to speak.


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  1. Paxua
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 23:18:09

    Is someone asking the city council to commiit to the police not being violent w/ the occupiers


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