having more languages

the other day sky walked in on me laying on willow’s bed reading “warhammer 40,000: the tyranids,” immediately started laughing and asked me what i was doing.  admittedly, it is not my usual thing.  often i will walk into sky’s room to see what willows doing and to hang out with him and he’ll be playing what looks like a totally mindless war game on the computer.  sometimes i will try to engage him, figure out what’s going on and what makes this game so compelling, but usually i get bored and wander away.

since willow’s been here so much i’ve had the opportunity to walk into sky’s room a bunch and when he’s not playing the video games, willow is almost as frequently reading the accompanying books.  at first i would lay there listless, hoping willow would be so compelled by my company to pull himself out of the pages of gore and play with me.  sometimes it worked and sometimes it didnt.  this time it didnt work, so i finally gave in and picked up one of the other warhammer books–there’s one for every species of being present in the galaxy wide showdown that is warhammer 40,000.  i picked up the “tyranids” book.  willow looked at me and, warning me that the tyranids were the most dreadful and scariest of the warhammer creatures, offered me the book on orks who, in comparison, are comical and less frightening.  imagine that, orks are the comical and less frightening bunch.  and that same night, before dinner, i wandered back to sky’s room and picked the tyranids up again.  willow and i were both just laying on his bed reading warhammer and i suddenly felt so close to him, i felt like a little boy child reading comic books with a close friend.  it was really awesome.  because i do experience willow as a close friend who i have such an easy rapport with.

and as i was finally explaining myself to sky i told him that i am reading the warhammer books because it gives me another language to talk with willow in, it gives us another thing he can share with me, teach me about.  and like any relationship i’m building, i feel excited to explore the other persons interests, i like having more ways to connect and share with each other.  i feel lucky that willow’s been here for so long this past week; he’s reminded me a lot about how i want to show up in my relationships.  and i do love learning from nine year olds.


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  1. paxus
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 07:26:29

    Sweet piece. It reminds me of one i wrote about Shal and Coyote. http://paxus.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/shal-of-the-trees/


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