playing with willow

so i love the kids in my life and feel pretty damn lucky to be building such complex relationships with them.  yesterday, when i was recovering from post seizure fatigue and achiness, sky asked me if i could hang with willow while he went to acac.  having missed our time together the night before i was eager to oblige and only a little anxious that my energy levels would make me a boring playmate.  we did our usual routine of laying around and being bored and brainstorming fun things to do together.  then after an attempt at an assassins-who-startle-you game, we defaulted to a game we’ve played together before with great success.

not one of mine and willow's, but pretty awesome nonetheless

it’s a game of willow’s creating.  all you need is a sheet of paper (or several depending on how many rounds you are going to play, i recommend several), two different colored writing utensils and a wild ass imagination.  the first person starts by drawing any sort of physical structure with some level of built in defense mechanisms.  the other then proceeds to try to destroy your structure.  taking turns you defend and attack with ever increasing creativity.  the game ends when someone cannot think of something brilliant and hilarious to counter the previous move.  willow prefers to play the role of destroyer and i take great pleasure in designing absurd structures, but still we take turns from round to round.

some of the highlights include willows monkey paratroopers.  in one game they released a huge worm with giant teeth that tried to eat into my structure.  another time they hovered above my building armed with highly acidic pee.  fortunately i was able to quickly construct a fountain with stone cherubs who recirculated the acidic pee and spit it artfully back at the monkeys.  good bye monkeys.  another time willow attacked with a giant demon carrying a giant sword.  in turn i released a band of butterflies whose wings were laced with 1,000 year sleeping dust.  or there was willows dragon, tickled away by fairies with feathers.

in a game we played today willow began to draw what would be the final move in the game.  earlier i had felled his paladin with a small and only briefly appearing black hole.  he started to draw a large semi circle under my strange structure, triumphantly declaring that he was opening a large black hole.  i quipped that it wasn’t a black hole at all–he was using a blue pen–he looked up at me and pulled the pen out of my hand, finishing me off with an honest to goodness black hole.  smugly, he posited that really the more imaginative person always wins and went on to explain that i could have opened a mirror black hole of the same size to counter balance his, holding my structure in place.  he was right.  this time.  but we will play again.  i highly recommend this game to anyone everywhere!  seriously, it’s awesome.  thanks willow, for the outlet for my creativity and the awesome friendship.


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  1. ted
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 11:24:38

    Wow, me and my brother played a game like this growing up, except one of us would draw something and the other would have to turn it into somethings else and then pass it back and it would have to be turned into something else. When ever I tried playing it with other kids the thing turned into “A black box” or “scribbles” (both totally cheating) pretty damned quick. Now we both have “arty” occupations, I would like to try this game with Willow.


  2. Sara Tansey
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 01:08:26

    you should totally try your game with willow. or the game we play. both sound like they rely on the suspension of the impossible for the creation of the laugh out loudable. and who doesnt love making magic?


  3. paxus
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 22:16:33

    i imagine if the game ends when you cant think of something brilliant or hilarious, these games might go for quite a little while.


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