the sounds we make

i have not always been very comfortable with my sexuality and i definitely havent always taken such irreverent joy in sharing it with others.  but in the last couple of years, with the help of some wonderful lovers, i’ve felt safe enough to jump into my sexual identity.  to explore what i like, ask for what i want and be real loud when i’m getting it.  and i feel very connected to the power, to the magic, that is my sexual expression.

yesterday, as i passed misty’s room, i asked to share a slightly vengeful anecdote about my loud sex and potential listeners.  after indulging me and laughing along, she responded by sharing a much more exciting impact of the loud sex and on different listeners.  for maybe one of the first times–i am greatly distressed by how infrequently anyone in the house hears me having sex–she’d actually heard me while she was working late in the room next door.  her lover, who happened to be in the room with her, said with some amount of incredulity (at least in the dramatic retelling) that he wanted to make her make those noises.  with awe, he wondered aloud what my lover could be doing to warrant such a vocal response.  it was very sweet, she assured me.

and of course i LOVE it.  i love that from my experience of deep connection and ecstatic pleasure, other lovers are inspired to explore ways to give each other even greater pleasure.  to explore what each other wants, to practice and experiment and always be challenging each other to be better lovers.  i hope i get a chance to hear the results of their experiments.


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