it got a-salted…

so i know we haven't seen each other in awhile, but this was seriously the best, most recent photo of us i could find

today has been a day of sisters given and taken: given being the biological and taken being the chosen.  i love being super saturated in sisters.  and for the purposes of this post i think i’ll stick to the ones i’ve been given, but it’s important to me that there are so many others.

following a craving to connect with molly and samantha i tried to gchat the notoriously invisible molly and went searching on facebook for samantha.  molly was unresponsive but sam presented with a little green dot and we chatted for awhile before i found out she was on the phone with molly.  molly and i must have realized sam was talking to both of us almost simultaneously and we both suggested a three way call                                                                                                immediately.

we did a roll call at the beginning, to make sure we’d done the technological menage a trois correctly.  molly called out the names, samantha and i responded appropriately, but molly asked why sam had answered for both herself and for me.  much laughing ensued when we realized that, as we age, our voices seem to be merging into one.  all three of us, as i had mistaken molly for samantha earlier in the call.  then samantha, who i speak to in a language of bad jokes and pop songs, quickly jumped in with: “hey sara, you know how you like jokes”  and before i could respond molly interrupted.  she’d heard the joke already and offered an editorial to samantha’s inquiry, saying: “hey sara, you know how you like corny jokes, you know how you like jokes no one else thinks are funny.”  it took molly and i awhile to stop laughing before samantha could tell me the non PC joke that gives this post its title.  it was definitely a test of her patience as every time she’d inhale to start telling me, molly and i both started giggling uncontrollably.

my sisters and i have been doing the long distance loving thing for the past five years and we go through cycles.  sometimes we do it well and schedule regular three way dates, sometimes we dont talk to each other for awhile.  when i was living in missouri without good phone or internet access we went to great pains to do group g-chats.  always slightly confusing and always worth it.

now molly and i actually live in the same city and are getting to explore our adult relationship in close proximity.  it’s so sweet for me and i was especially delighted one day when we were greeted as “the sisters” by ryan at random row–we were doing childcare for the anarchist book fair together, molly coordinating, me simply volunteering.  it’s been nice to see her as another thriving, life dripping woman, being able to step out of my role as oldest sister.

and i’m now revving up for a two week sister reunion.  i’ll be in south carolina soon, sitting in the back of our red pick up truck, cheering until i lose my voice for samantha’s softball team.  i’ll be driving with the windows down, the radio blasting and dancing all crazy–even crazier when stopped at a light so that more people will gawk or laugh or dance in solidarity.  i’ll be bowling with lots of high school girls and wiggling in my rented bowling shoes.  then samantha and i will go all gangbusters and drive from south carolina to nyc to meet up with molly for a week, before bringing her back south.  it will be our second annual sisters in the city week and i cant wait.  last year, to avoid intense road rage on the new jersey turnpike, the three of us sang the only part of kid cudi’s day n nite we knew over and over again, laughing and dancing.

i feel overwhelmed by the magic of our relationship.  when i look at other adult sister relationships, i feel confident that samantha and molly and i will never grow apart like that.  maybe it’s unwarranted optimism, but there’s a strength and a vibrancy to our connection as a trio that i know we’re all committed to.  and we’ve already put up with a lot of each others shit and are still close.  thanks molly and sam, for being the shit and inspiring me to be a more connected sister all the time.  *muah*


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  1. paxus
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 19:11:21

    you need a more contemporary picture


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