story time

quote of the yesterday:  jayne (the woman i work for) to her son max, “max, sara is telling you a very interesting story about imperialism.  pay attention”

i take some liberties as a nanny.  when max asked me if everyone everywhere spoke english, i was right there with a little improvised history lesson.  we were sitting in the sun room while jayne cleaned in the kitchen, with the door open between the two rooms.  i explained about how once we thought the world was flat, just like the map we had looked at earlier in the month while we talked about natural resources and how they get distributed across the population of the planet (which max initially guessed to be 1,000 people. awesome!).  then that some very curious and glory hungry men were hired by the kings and queens of different countries to find quicker trade routes.  and that in doing so, these men found and claimed places where people already lived.  that then the people who already lived there were treated as less than human and forced off their land, forced to conform to the customs of the men from the ships.  i then came back to his question, explaining that thats why different countries all over the world speak english, french, spanish or portuguese.  and we tried to match countries to their conquerors but max really had lost his attention span and we were on to other things.  i think there was a bubble machine involved.

and i feel lucky that the family i work for is open to and encouraging of my little lessons.  not that it would stop me if they werent–ok, it would encourage me even moreso if they weren’t–but its fun to have mom colluding from the kitchen.


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  1. paxus
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 01:59:48

    radical educators unite! Max will miss you almost as much as Franchesca


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