all sparkles and fur coats

a few nights ago kassia performed in the UVA klezmer concert, playing 1st violin.  a bunch of us from the house were enthusiastically planning to attend.  sky gave us the 30 minute warning and emma and i decided it was time to get fabulous.  it seems anytime our happy little house decides to go out somewhere together, dressing up–which for woodfolk is a little bit like a kid dressing up in her mom’s clothes–is an understood protocol.  emma and i giggled as we ran between each others’ rooms, showing off our evolving ensembles.  i put on a yellow, sparkly dress that was once a dance costume of my sister’s, which means it had a built in leotard: awesome!  emma put on a rad multi shade blue dress.  we added silly tights and absurd, mismatching shoes and ran downstairs to check on the boys.  alex came out of his room with a fancy hat and a nice mismatch of faded jeans and fancy shirt, holding onto a pair of fabulous gold, sequence suspenders.  sky took the suspenders and added a barber shop quartet inspired hat, willow went for a top knot with a chopstick stuck through it.  we were ready.  so we climbed onto our bikes and rode off into the night, howling down hill and trying to keep together, our own mini critical mass.

after some comp ticket confusion, we got into the show paying for only two student rate tickets.  bouncing through the big, shiny doors, we were immediately in contrast with most of the crowd.  imagine a fancy campus music hall, lots of cultured charlottesvillians out for an evening of traditional Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jewish music.  we filled into a row up front, just before the concert started.  after a cursory look around, i shivered with indulgent silliness, seeing amidst all of our sparkles, fur coats and fancy jewels.  the lights went down and the musicians came onto stage.

it all started a little subdued.  the music was beautiful and we were all attentive, but we were waiting for the dance numbers.  after sitting politely through a few songs, we got what we wanted and our contingent started hopping around in our seats.  three of us on one end at first, being exaggeratedly silly and syncing our movements.  and as the night played on our whole group joined in, trying to amp up the silly with every new upbeat song.  i credit our row with getting the whole theater clapping at one point.

after the show closed it was time to linger and eat the funny catered food and rub elbows.  emma and i ran around head banging and singing regina spektor, but in our few moments at rest we were appreciated for our enthusiastic participation in the nights concert, by both musicians and audience members alike.  and we smiled to ourselves, happy to bring a little child like energy to the fancy concert, exultant in our success at loosening up the prim and proper.  before we left, we all ran around on a stage in front of the concert hall, some of us trying, some of us succeeding in doing that click your heels together in mid air thingy.  then, tired and giggly, we loaded back onto our bikes, now joined by kas, and road back home, bike gang style: howling to the moon and being generally raucous.


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  1. paxus
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 09:43:22

    i can see it. i can feel the wind in willows top knot as you rage thru the Cville nights like some comic-bizarro gang.


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