barn raising in the rain

we were headed to take a bath together when my lover jon was struck by a wood splitting solution he wanted to try immediately.  it had been raining that morning, so we turned around to check the weather online and the radar seemed to suggest that there wouldn’t be more rain for a few hours.  still, being a practical person, jon grabbed a rain jacket and hat.  being a highly impractical person, i hopped into the car in the one set of non waterproof clothes i had with me for the weekend.  and before we could travel the handful of miles to the living energy farm (LEF) property, it started raining.

jon looked at me and asked if we should divert and he could drop me off early at twin oaks.  but it was warm and i really like working with jon at the LEF site, so with the heady intoxication of whimsy and enticing work, i reassured us onward.  for those who don’t know yet, LEF is a forming farm in louisa, va that will be a model for post fossil fuel living.  there are work parties most every weekend, weather permitting, but i hadn’t been out in a long while since i’ve been gone in denver.  the land is a recent clear cut with a whole lot of charm and its own set of challenges for the folks trying to build with materials from the land.

which is where our vignette of an adventure comes in.  currently we are in the process of raising a barn on the land and jon was trying to work out how to hang the siding without spending a bunch of money and buying outside lumber.  so we went to experiment with splitting different types of trees they’d found on the land.  armed with a maul, a sledgehammer and some wedges, we wandered back through slopes covered in mud towards the barn site, with rain falling gently around us.  we sharpened our splitting skills on a nasty little cedar which required a lot of elbow grease to work through.  then jon quickly identified some tulip poplars to try next and they proved more fruitful–easier to split and less prone to twisting out and splitting unevenly.  we didn’t quite finish the experiment before deciding to go home, but we’d discovered enough to keep jon scheming.

by the time we got back to the car i had to strip out of some of my clothes in order to save the interior of the car.  i was soaked to the bone and discovered that my cell phone was malfunctioning as a result of being absent mindedly left in my pocket.  but i had no regrets.  every time i get to work at LEF i go home feeling exhausted but exhilarated.  it’s refreshing to get to use my body more and rely more on simple machines to do the work of living.  it’s a brilliant adventure so far!  and after a hot shower and some snuggling for myself and a sealed jar of rice for my phone, we both recovered quickly.


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  1. paxus
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 06:17:09

    it is times like these that remind me you have maintained a more youthful spirit than i have. you came back to twin oaks happy as a clam and soaked as a drown rat. your shoes destroyed, everything article drenched. spirits buoyant.


    • Sara Tansey
      Mar 10, 2011 @ 12:39:20

      i should hope i’ve maintained a more youthful spirit. give me a few years to catch up to you, love. plus, i had you to come home to, to throw me in a shower and then in bed. who wouldnt be bouyant?


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