confused little hippie

after a three day, cross country trip from denver to syracuse and a bus ride together from syracuse to nyc, a bagel and coffee at the port authority to delay the inevitable, it was time for lesley and i to finally say good bye.  after spending so much of the last month together, neither of us really knew what to say to each other.  i guess we didn’t really have to say everything we were thinking, though.  so we walked off in opposite directions along 8th Ave into the chaos of a bright and blustery nyc day.

i’d given lesley the last 15$ cash i had as she had none and was embarking on a nearly three hour walk to LaGuardia airport, with promises of keeping me updated on her progress.  meanwhile, i walked the 15 minutes to the megabus stop that would keep me on track for my day of bus riding south.

i was safely tucked away on the top level of a megabus watching the marshland between nyc and philly pass by when i got the most wonderful text message ever.  while lesley had ducked into a subway station to consult the map on the wall to make sure she was still going the right way, a bodacious and generous black woman approached her.  apparently lesley must have looked lost, because the woman said something to the effect of: “who is this confused little hippie, girrrrrrl come with me!”  and this gracious woman paid all of lesleys subway fares and even got her all the way to the bus, which would deposit her safely at LaGuardia.

i laughed aloud when i got the message and wrote back that i was glad the universe was telling lesley it was important for her to get home safely and with less struggle than the last month has been filled with.  sitting back in my room in virginia now, i’m finding it hard to be so far away from her, and not there to be what i was for the last month.  and i take comfort in these little signs that what we’ve been doing together is what we’re supposed to be doing together.   that when we take care of each other, the universe pays attention and pitches in too.


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  1. paxus
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 19:10:44

    it reminds me of the story of the gal who came thru here who had nothing and was walking and hitching across the country, she had traveled, with nothing and close to nothing from Seattle, simply believing that it was possible.

    you set up an amazing situation for lesley in denver, you got to be the hands of the goddess, landing her where she needed to be. No surprise some hippie-sympathizer got her the last step to the airport.


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