it seems too good

i was sitting on the phone talking with my lover paxus, giving him the big news from denver: lesley had heard back from the older poly couple interested in trading housekeeping and young life for free rent.  and as she eavesdropped, lesley added the little details my account was missing.  like the fact that they have two dogs, eight peacocks and a horse.  eight peacocks!  we were excited.

once off the phone, lesley and i snuggled into bed with more giddy talk.  but not long into our dreaming, she pulled out of the reverie and in more reasonable tones said it seemed too good to be true.  but i was ready for her.  earlier that day i’d read pax’s blog about all those little “coincidences” in life that i chalk up to karma.  and i said to her what i’d written in the comments.  that we all breathe magic into this world and that the world remembers.  and for the last several months lesley has been living in the vision of community, supporting the family living with her without question: picking up rent and food and random childcare shifts when needed.  openly embracing the idea of community and income sharing and radical relationship building.

i looked at her and told her it was only as good as she was, which i guess means she’s too good to be true too.  she lunged across the bed and hugged me.  but it was only true, and i feel lucky to be able to live with her for these few weeks and grow together.  i feel her power bleeding into mine.


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  1. paxus
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 05:08:12

    there is a difference between coincidence and smart choices. you got to Denver by being compassionate and daring.

    i love what you are doing there, peaks and valleys. And while you are missed here by the many who care for you – your choice feels right.


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